Martial Arts Programs Available in North Syracuse


Martial Arts is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Not only can martial arts help your child physically, but psychologically as well. Children who attend Five Star Martial Arts develop valuable life skills that will not only help them now, but later in life as well. ​ Five Star Martial Arts teaches so much more than just kicking and punching. Our team teaches children self-discipline, leadership skills, focus, and respect. Kids and parents love our program because not only is it fun, but is also a challenging sport that helps our students realize that they can achieve even the most difficult tasks if they work hard, put their mind to it, and have the proper instruction to guide them.

Teens and Adults

Our teens and adult program is action packed and fun! Not only do you receive the obvious self-defense benefits from training with us but we pride ourselves in being the positive in your day. Our classes are high energy, fun and truly considered fitness with a purpose. Looking to get in shape, looking to learn self-defense, looking for an escape from every day stresses, JOIN OUR TEAM.

Lil' Ninjas

Our Lil' Ninjas program is for kids ages 4 and 5 (We have had some 3 year olds join our program and be successful). As much as we focus on the basics of the martial arts, the basics of self -defense, we pride ourselves in teaching the life skills your child will need to succeed now and when they are older. Our classes are fun, exciting and full of character development skills like confidence, focus, discipline and respect.


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